Firearm Service (v1.5)
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INSTRUCTIONS (click here to toggle on/off)
If you have a firearm that is in need of service or repair, please use this form to submit your service request. Specific instructions are provided on how to send your firearm to the service center. THIS FORM IS FOR USA CUSTOMERS ONLY! If you are in Canada then please contact the Canadian service center at or phone 800-746-7033.

If your firearm issue is related to the DURA-TOUCH coating then please use the DURA-TOUCH support form HERE, instead of this one.

If your firearm serial number cannot be found, and the number was entered correctly (please double check this!); then we may no longer service that model. In this case please see the list of 3rd party service providers HERE. You may contact one of them to see if they can service it. You may also call the Service Center for additional help (US 800-322-4626).

1. Complete all form fields.
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3. Complete the reCAPTCHA test.
4. Click the 'Submit' button.

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Describe the issue your firearm is experiencing. Please be as detailed as possible with any info you feel will be useful to help us diagnose the issue. If your firearm is experiencing feeding, cycling, or magazine issues then please include all spare magazines.
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*** IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER when shipping your firearm ***
1. !!! CAUTION !!! Make absolutely certain the firearm is completely unloaded prior to packaging.
- Any firearms received by Browning with Ammunition will be charged with an Ammunition disposal and handling fee!
2. Remove all after-market accessories prior to packaging (scopes, bases, rings, slings, choke tubes, aftermarket sights, etc.). WINCHESTER is not responsible for any lost or damaged accessories.
3. Ensure that the firearm is adequately packaged and protected, as we are not responsible for damage that may occur during shipment.
4. Send us the complete firearm, not just selected pieces or parts.
5. Do not ship in a gun case.
6. Keep a record of your serial number prior to packaging your firearm for shipping.
7. Retain your tracking information from the shipper.
8. DEALERS: Include a copy of your valid FFL and/or any state licenses required.
9. Any firearms that have been altered outside of factory specs may be returned to original specs at owner's expense. EXAMPLE: Altered or modified triggers, barrel modifications, etc.
10. Do not include credit card info, check, cash, or any other form of payment when returning your firearm for repair.
11. All quoted repairs declined by the incoming shipping party or gun owner will be assessed a fee of $50 to cover the cost of quote/repair evaluation and return shipping.

Service Department
3005 Arnold Tenbrook Road
Arnold, MO 63010-4728

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